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The CGClaims app allows you to file your damage claims with CarGarantie quickly and easily with just a handful of clicks. Entering a new damage claim is simple to do and user-friendly. What's more, you can use virtually every function that you are familiar with from the standard CGClaimsWeb program. Once all your details have been completed, your filed damage claim can be sent directly to CarGarantie. You will receive a response to the damage claim in a matter of minutes, enabling you to discuss all the repair details with your customer there and then. COMPETENT, FAIR, SERVICE-ORIENTED: With over 50 years of experience, CG Car-Garantie Versicherungs-AG is one of the industry’s leading warranty specialists. The company, which now operates in 19 countries around the world, provides qualified specialists with warranty and customer loyalty programmes for new and used cars as well as motorbikes and e-bikes. With over 2.1 million warranty contracts on its books and in excess of 23,000 contract partners, CarGarantie is one of Europe's most experienced specialty insurance companies.